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It’s a new world —
get a new look!

The world has changed and we have transformed with it. Face the future with style, creativity, community, and fabulous looks at Transformaganza!
Raining Chainsaws, March 25 at 7 pm.
You’ve been to the shows… now BE the show! Collaborate with Raining Chainsaws' visionary Fashion Houses to match your outsides to your insides. Augment your makeup. Try on a new persona. Deconstruct and then reconstruct your outfit. Pose at the fashion photo booth. Zhuzh! Wanna show off your lewk? Strut your stuff on the catwalk! Will it be weird? Absolutely!We’ll have a DJ, dancing, drinks, and snacks. Tailoring and adornment begin at 7pm; catwalks start at 8.Come dressed in a neutral color base clothing layer - tights, shorts, tank top, or leotard. Bring the shoes for your look, and, if you want, a fabulous accessory that expresses your power. Wear your new outfit home!Space is limited for this event. Tickets are $15-40 sliding scale, one per person, and must be purchased in advance. If you want to bring a friend, they must sign up for our text system and buy a ticket.Venmo (venmohandle) to receive your text ticket.


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